Sunday, January 23, 2011


Its been some months now since I finished from higher instution ...And it has also been few months of babysitting.
Over the months, I have learnt a whole lot of things,particularly as a baby sitter. Dont ask me how much I am being paid because I am into pro-bono baby sitting because I am actually baby sitting my niece. I call her kanyinsola. Although her mum chose to call her Adeola Favour....., my preference is Kanyin because i believe it is  a deep name!!!and since the bible says 'deep calleth unto deep"... :):):)

Yea, so in these my few months of babysitting I have learnt a great lesson "CHILDREN ARE ASSETS!!!"I remember I once told my sis that her bay was an asset and not a liability. We were contemplatimg whether or not to go for Cool F.M's Praise Jams on christmas day and my sister asked where we should put her baby but I of course told her that her presence in our lives was not in any way a barrier to our movement cos she is an asset.

This reminds me of Mattthew 19 where the disciples were trying to chase the little ones from Jesus but he rebuked the disciples and told them to allow the children come to him. This of course buttresses the fact that this lovely creatures are indeed assets and npt liabilities.jesus loves children, He loves to hear their sincere and innocent praises. When my little niece begins to "speak in tongues", its certain I dont understand a bit of her tongues but of a truth,  I know that God understands. At times, I get disturbed with with Kanyin's noise and playfulness, especially now that she is fast growing but I also know for a fact that God is not disturbed by Children's noise and playfulness, I am sure God fellowships with them even at those moments.

Yes, so life after school waiting for NYSC callup letter have not been wasting at all. Particularly because I am sure that GOD WILL MAKE HAPPEN FOR ME WHAT I MAKE HAPPEN FOR OTHERS..... I look forward to receiving my own assets from God.



  1. nice one sis...
    i particularly like the blog name"ME, MYSELF AND GOD"...very heavy!!!
    And i totally agree that children are assets....
    I look at my daughter at times,. and with a heart overflowing with joy and gratitude, i say THANK YOU JESUS!!!
    please keep 'em coming--more pix and more write-ups...our very dear mass communicator!!!

  2. Hey sis,
    even though its been two months since u last posted on ur blog,
    i have tagged you in the one lovely blog award becos i think ur blog rocks!
    check out the details at my end-